After years of exploring solo, in collaboration with other artists and generally dedicating much mindspace and energy to his art, Vince also shares his knowledge with others through workshops. 

Happening in various locations throughout the world, the workshops can go through the essential elements of music production and into more depth: the exploration of multiple audio production programs, sound design and synthesis, audio effects, arrangement & composition, modular hardware, mixing & mastering etc. 

Apart from just study, the friendships and sharing of knowledge of all involved is an important part of the energy of the workshops. 


Vince will be teaching various workshops in Australia

Vince will be teaching various workshops in Australia

Vince will be teaching various workshops in Australia


The Primitif Workshops

The Primitif Workshop was a gathering organized in Switzerland for people from all over the world who produce all kinds of electronic music. Since 2005, once a year, a team of friends and musicians brought together individuals from different countries to share our passion, knowledge and skills in a dedicated place.

The workshop head team was composed of several professional producers, DJs, label managers, party organizers, plug-in developers or also electronic and computer technicians. Since the first edition, we noticed the huge amount of benefits and motivation that was generated from this kind of experience and that encouraged the team to to create an official association and get sponsorship for the project to progress. The spirit of the workshops was that everyone has their knowledge that they can share with other participants. 

The main subjects discussed at the workshop were: synthesizer signal flow, audio editing, compressors, mastering, plug-ins creation, and live-set. More specific courses were organised according to the interests and wishes of participants.

The primitif workshops came to a halt after the 7th edition for various reasons.. but the spirit of the workshops, the friendships made, the knowledge shared and the music produced lives on. 


Primitif 1 - july 2005
Primitif 2 - oct 2006
Primitif 3 - sept/oct 2007
Primitif 4 - oct/nov 2008
Primitif 5 - oct 2009
Primitif 6 - sept 2011
Primitif 7 - sept 2012


Silence Phobia w/ Electrypnose

September 10 to 14, 2019 in Belgium 

The workshop was built around the creation of a piece, everyone will be able to build their own sound in parallel with Vince who composed his own while explaining the stages of his work.

Various elements were explored such as:

– Recording samples outdoors
– The creation of sound on hardware such as modular synth, Xoxbox, Roland Gaïa, and others
– Principles of sound (Cycles and amplitude, Fundamental/Harmonics, Sampling frequency, Bit depth, Buffer memory, etc.)
– Musical Concept (Rhythms, Harmonizations)
– Sound Synthesis Theory (Subtractive Synthesis, Additive, FM, Physical Modulation, Wavetable, Granular)
– Sampling Theory
– Mixing/Effects Theory (EQ, Compressor, Delay, differentiating between the use of a reverb as a creative effect or for mixing processing, etc)
– Mastering theory (Loudness War, limiting) 

Annual workshop in Portugal


Gravito music production retreat is an annual workshop on a portugese eco farm which allows a full experience of the ideal workshop; 7 days of music production, knowledge sharing, enjoyment and more.

Email for more information about the 2023 workshop.