I’m doing an online course program to teach music production via a series of videos. The project is still growing and I’m currently charging 25€ / month for people who want to be part of this version. Check out the demo videos linked on this page or subscribe below.

Watch Demos

In these courses, I’ll show as much as possible about how I produce music.

I’m going to use and demonstrate using the following platforms :

– Ableton Live

– Steinberg Cubase

– Image Line FL Studio

The course will cover many levels, if you’re starting from scratch or just have a few notions, there is a complete step by step procedure to start to make nice stuffs with Ableton Live.

For more advanced users I’m showing my way of working and many techniques.

For many demonstrations I’m going to use 3rd party plugins. However, it’s not necessary for you to have these plugins as things can be reproduced in other ways. Although I do recommend this plugins, especially if you don’t have many yet or are starting out.

Mainly I’ll use the following :

– Xfer Serum

– Surge (freeware)

– Fabfilter suite (EQ, Compressor, Limiter)

I’m basically recording videos and uploading them as they are made. When subscribing to the beta course, you’ll have access to all the content made so far, for as long as you decide to stay. You’re charged per month, you can leave anytime.

Please note that I’m an artist and not an engineer. There are many aspects of music production that I don’t know myself… for example some of the crazy math behind some processing (even though I really enjoy the technical aspects of production), or super crazy features of this or that software. There are a bunch of things that I do the funky way and not like a proper sound engineer would.
Despite this, I do believe that you can learn a lot from my classes and I invite you to check my demo tutorials to make up your mind.

If you would like to follow the course :
You need to have a google account as all videos are shared via google drive and streamed online. Subscriptions are treated via Paypal, however your gmail address doesn’t have to be the same as your Paypal.

I’ll process orders manually and send you access to the video content shortly.
Please check your Paypal email address for my reply as it is the only way I can contact you after you made your payment. If you don’t hear from me shortly, please contact me here : getintouch(4rob4t)