28.01 - Electrochoc - Sembrancher VS Suisse
11.03 - Mystica - Zurich Suisse
25.03 - Stockholm - Sweden
31.03 - Lapin Vert - Nendaz Suisse
15.04 - Lugano - Suisse
25.04 - Benyunsons-  Israel
13.05 - Ghost Mountain - Suisse
20.05 - Son Libre - France
10.06 - Okami - France
17.06 - Reflex Festival - Germany
23.06 - Electroziles - VS Suisse
01.07 - Groove and Bass - Canada
08.07 - Ravers Paradise - Toronto Canada
24.07 - Boom Festival - Portugal
03.08 - Ozora - Hungary
12.08 - Wonderland - Germany
01.09 - Suti - Portugal
07.10 - Mauritius
24.11 - Israel

(given dates for festivals may not be the exact performance date!)


(Working on this list still)


1.10 - 2to6 party - Zoo Genève Suisse
15.10 - Elements Festival - Brisbane Australia
21.10 - Armada - Sydney Australia
30.10 - Swampy - Brisbane Australia
5.11 - SixthSense - Melbourne Australia
19.11 - Bush Doof - Perth Australia
10.12 - Wild Horses - Melbourne Australia
16.12 -  Symbiosis - Gold Coast Australia
23.12 - OOE Launch - Sydney Australia
31.12 - Twisted Frequency - New Zealand 

Date Country Location Event Name  Link
 1st Jan 2022 Mexico Chiapas Psycristrance
22nd Jan 2022 Mexico Tulum Arkana Party
12 Feb 2022 Mexico Guadalajara Dark Matter
26 Feb 2022 Switzerland Martigny Auberge Autrement
5 March 2022 Switzerland Nax Sur les pistes

 1st April 2022 Switzerland Fribourg Les Fines Herbs  
16 - 20 April 2022 Egypt Sinai Nabia Festival  
29 April 2022 Switzerland Yverdon Balinev  
30 April 2022 Holland Amsterdam Bomblastic  
21-26 June 2022 France South France Isis Garden  
27 June - 3 July 2022 Czech Republic Near Prague Funny Moon Gathering
7 July 2022 Sweden Gothernburg Spirit of the Jungle
8 July 2022 Czech Republic Brno Master of Puppets
28 July 2022 Switzerland Sierre Aslec
30 July 2022 Switzerland Wallis Tag de Traume
9-14 August 2022 Croatia Modem

 21 August 2022 Germany Berlin Bucht der Traume  
26 August 2022 France South France Hadra Festival  
28 August 2022 Portugal   Suti Festival  
16 September 2022 France Toulouse Psycamp  
23 September 2022 Germany Cologne




Date Country Location Event Name  Link
 9th Jan 2020 Israel The Block Club    
18th Jan 2020 France Les Docks du Sud    
9th Feb 2020 India Hilltop, Goa Hilltop Festival  
 14th Feb 2020 India Shiva Place, Goa    
16th Feb 2020 India Mumbai Antisocial  
17th Feb 2020 India Origens, Goa    
20th Feb 2020 India Culies, Goa    
21st Feb 2020 India Delhi    
25th Feb 2020 India Goa Suntribe  


26th Jan 2019 Australia Sydney Antigravity  
 2nd Feb 2019 Australia Sydney Noesis  
13th Feb 2019 Australia Sydney Wierd presents Electrypnose  
26th Jan 2019 Australia Sydney Antigravity  
 2nd Feb 2019 Australia Sydney Noesis  
13th Feb 2019 Australia Sydney Wierd presents Electrypnose  
15th Feb 2019 Australia Melbourne Babylon Festival  
 16th Feb 2019 Australia Brisbane Earth Frequency Festival  
23rd Feb 2019 New Caledonia   Ohm Resistance  
3rd March Switzerland Carnaval Monthey Cerebral Factory Live  
9th March Switzerland Hacienda Sierre Cerebral Factory Live  
16th March 2019 Switzerland Saxon Casino  
5th April 2019 Switzerland Coupole Bienne Fractal  
27th April 2019 Switzerland Conthey Psypotatoes  
7th Jun 2019 Switzerland Martigny L'auberge Autrement  
21st Jun 2019 Switzerland Sion Electroziles  
28th  Jun 2019 Switzerland   Reisefieber Festival  
4th Jul 2019 France Theys Buffalo Beats Festival  
12th Jul 2019 France Southern France Harmonic Festival  
19th Jul 2019 Switzerland Ticino Shankra Festival  
2nd Aug 2019 France Private Mechoui Family  
16th Aug 2019 Romania   Transylvania Calling  
29th Aug 2019 Portugal   Suti Festival  
7th Sep 2019 France Private Magic chez Manu  
30th Sep 2019 Israel   Hippie Tipi  
4th Oct 2019 France Paris Trabendo  
26th Oct 2019 Switzerland Gaskessel Bern Gaskessel  
12th Dec 2016 Israel Tel Aviv Klika Link
9th Dec 2016 Israel near TLV Wedding party  
2nd Dec 2016 Scotland Edinburgh Cosmics  
12th Nov 2016 Switzerland Brig John Blake BD  
5th Nov 2016 Switzerland Bienne Fractal 10 years  
23rd Sep 2016 Switzerland Neuchatel Fetes des vendanges  
3rd Sep 2016 Switzerland Valais MTS  
27th Aug 2016 Spain   Lost Theory Festival  
24th Jun 2016 Switzerland Sion Electroziles  
20th May 2016 Switzerland Anzère Grouch a la maison  
29th Apr 2016 Israel   Doof Festival  
16th Apr 2016 Switzerland Valais Psypotatoes  
2nd Apr 2016 Switzerland Nendaz Electropow  


31st Dec 2015 Brazil Bahia Universo Paralello Link
13th Nov 2015 Israel The Block White Noise Link
17th Oct 2015 UK London Zenon special Link
26th Sep 2015 Switzerland Salvan Planatek  
25th Sep 2015 Switzerland Neuchâtel Fêtes des vendanges  
5th Sep 2015 Brazil Uberlândia-MG Samsara Festival Link
30th Jul 2015 Sweden forest of Sweden Hur Gör Djur Link
25th Jul 2015 Canada Golden, BC Motion Notion Link
18th Jul 2015 USA Portland Electric Noise Link
11th Jul 2015 Germany Niedergörsdorf Freqs of Nature Link
27th Jun 2015 Switzerland   Deltaforce  
26th Jun 2015 France Paris Stay young and die pretty X Link
18th Jun 2015 Switzerland Sion Electroziles Link
23rd May 2015 France Ardèche tba  
16th May 2015 Israel Tel Aviv Vitamin Sea Link
8th May 2015 France Bordeaux The first element Link
25th Apr 2015 Poland Progresja - Warsaw Serotonina Link
9th Apr 2015 Morocco Sahara Desert Transahara Link
4th Apr 2015 Switzerland Jura Ostara Luna Link
28th Mar 2015 Switzerland Sion Suxyria Link
27th Mar 2015 Switzerland Lapin Vert - Nendaz Electropow  
21st Mar 2015 Switzerland Gampel Psyber Wild West PAZ Link
14th Mar 2015 Switzerland Bern 9 years Fractal records Link
28th Feb 2015 Australia Perth Kinetik Dreaming Link
21st Feb 2015 Australia Victoria Qube  
14th Feb 2015 Australia QLD Earth Frequency Link
7th Feb 2015 Australia Tasmania Fractangular Gathering Link
31st Jan 2015 Australia Somewhere near Sydney Void Link

La Grav2014

26th Dec 2014 Switzerland Sion Winter Project Link
5th Dec 2014 Germany Munich Psychedelic night riders Link
28th Nov 2014 France Glazart - Paris Stay young and die pretty Link
22nd Nov 2014 India Dreamland, Ashvem, Goa Live on the beach  
16th Nov 2014 India Goa Hilltop Sunday Link
15th Nov 2014 India Delhi Electrypnose in Delhi Link
14th Nov 2014 India Chandigarth Electrypnose in Chandigarth Link
13th Nov 2014 India Delhi Private live at Barsoom Link
10th Nov 2014 Nepal Kathmandu Funky Buddha chill set  
8th Nov 2014 Nepal Bandipur Spiritual Ritual after after party  
7th Nov 2014 Nepal Pokara Aurora Borealis  
4th Nov 2014 Nepal Backyard Kathmandu 2to6 afterparty  
31st Oct 2014 Nepal Himalayas 🙂 Spiritual Ritual - 2to6 label party Link
15th Oct 2014 Israel tba Doof party  
4th Oct 2014 Switzerland Private Resilience bDay  
27th Sep 2014 Switzerland Neuchâtel Electro d'pOrt Link
13th Sep 2014 Switzerland Salvan (VS) Planatek Link
12th Sep 2014 Switzerland Laupen Garden of Live Link
1st Aug 2014 Hungary   Ozora Link
26th Jul 2014 Canada   Eclipse Link
23rd Jul 2014 Croatia Deringaj Lost Theory Link
12th Jul 2014 Switzerland Ste Croix La Fiestaval Link
5th Jul 2014 Germany near Berlin Freqs of Nature Link
30th Jun 2014 Israel Tel Aviv Klika of Happiness  
27th Jun 2014 Israel 1 Hour North From Tel-Aviv Volcano Rave Link
21st Jun 2014 Turkey Izmir Tree of Life Link
20th Jun 2014 Switzerland Sion Electroziles Link
14th Jun 2014 Belgium Grand Casino Brussels Abracadavra Link
10th May 2014 Switzerland Bulle Sleepy bday  
2nd May 2014 Switzerland RKC Vevey Festivalocal Warm-up Link
20th Apr 2014 Switzerland Bienne Old town Alchemy (part2) Link
11th Apr 2014 Switzerland Perron Brig Psyside on Perron1 Link
30th Mar 2014 Switzerland Vaud Floating2  
22nd Mar 2014 Switzerland Sion Silent Party au Nord  
22nd Mar 2014 Switzerland Valais Piwii bday  
15th Mar 2014 Switzerland Galvanik Zug Mirrored Reality Link
5th Mar 2014 Israël The Block Club BWB Link
1st Mar 2014 Israël South Tel Aviv Groove Attack 5 years Anniversary Link


30th Dec 2013
21st Dec 2013


Usine Genève

Time Gate
Psyber Factory

13th Oct 2013 India BlueFrog Mumbai BlueFrog Link
12th Oct 2013 India No Limmits - Bangalore Agartha Night Link
11th Oct 2013 India BlueFrog Delhi Parallel Universe Link
5th Oct 2013 Switzerland Sion Kingdom Club Link
4th Oct 2013 Belgium Brussels Anthropia Link
27th Sep 2013 Switzerland Neuchâtel Electro d'Port - Fête des vendanges Link
25th Sep 2013 Israel   Doof mini festival Link
14th Sep 2013 Switzerland   McFly  
13th Sep 2013 Switzerland Valais Ferpecle  
6th Sep 2013 Switzerland Sion Sensient @ Kingdom club Link
31st Aug 2013 Switzerland Jura Suprise Party  
24th Aug 2013 Switzerland Ticcino TBA  
22nd Aug 2013 France Lans-en-Vercors Hadra Festival Link
8th Aug 2013 Canada Salmo, BC Shambhala Link
26th Jul 2013 Germany tba Psycrowdelica Link
6th Jul 2013 Germany near Berlin Freqs of Nature Link
28th Jun 2013 Germany Larz Fusion Festival Link
16th Jun 2013 Turkey Izmir Tree of Life Link
8th Jun 2013 Brazil Bahia Aurora Link
25th May 2013 India Tirthan Valley Shiva Squad Link
18th May 2013 France Private Floating Point Festival  
11th May 2013 UK London Psykaboomka Link
10th May 2013 Finland Helsinki POTB Link
27th Apr 2013 Switzerland Kingdom Sion LOUD in Sion Link
20th Apr 2013 Germany Berlin Frühlingszaubertraum Link
31st Mar 2013 Switzerland Sion Granfin au Kingdom Link
23rd Mar 2013 Switzerland Wallis Private Party  
16th Mar 2013 Italy Milano Travel Distortion Link
21st Feb 2013 Israel   GroundZero  
16th Feb 2013 Switzerland Wetzikon Zurich Animi Affectus Link
8th Feb 2013 Israel      
19th Jan 2013 Switzerland Sion Kingdom Party Link
14th Jan 2013 Israel Tel Aviv Klika Club  
11th Jan 2013 Israel   Burning Rain Link
3rd Jan 2013 United Arab Emirates Dubai Hypnotique feat. Electrypnose Link


31st Dec 2012 India Goa Marbela Beach  
29th Dec 2012 India Goa Sunburn Link
14th Dec 2012 Scotland Studio 24 Cosmic Link
1st Dec 2012 Switzerland Sion Kingdom club party Link
16th Nov 2012 France Paris Stay Young and Die Pretty 4 !! Link
10th Nov 2012 France Brainans 10 and du Citron Vert Link
31st Oct 2012 Switzerland Kingdom Club Halloween Party Link
12th Oct 2012 Switzerland La Gravière   Link
23rd Sep 2012 Switzerland Bassins Bd Party  
19th Sep 2012 Israel The Block - Tel Aviv    
16th Sep 2012 Israel Golan Beach Yanti Parazy Festival Link
8th Sep 2012 Switzerland Suen (Wallis) Primitif Workshop Party Link
1st Sep 2012 Switzerland Sion Rencart Festival  
18th Aug 2012 Switzerland Porrentruy Biolive 10 years Link
16th Aug 2012 Portugal   Noisy Radicals - Chaotic Madness Link
30th Jul 2012 Portugal Idanha-a-Nova Boom Festival Link
21st Jul 2012 Canada Golden BC Motion Notion Link
14th Jul 2012 USA Houston, MN 12th Dimension Link
7th Jul 2012 USA Oregon Global Weirding Link
30th Jun 2012 Turkey Izmir / Karagoal Lake Tree of Life festival Link
29th Jun 2012 Switzerland Sion Electroziles Link
9th Jun 2012 Israel   Parallel Universe  
6th Jun 2012 Switzerland Kingdom Club Sion Electro Progressive Link
2nd Jun 2012 UK Orchard Portman Cosmo Festival Link
26th May 2012 France Bordeaux Solaris Party Link
11th May 2012 Switzerland Brig Good Soundz Link
30th Apr 2012 Costa Rica Monte del Pizote Nox Valpurgis Link
26th Apr 2012 Israel   Groove Attack Link
14th Apr 2012 UK London Sonikverse v2 Link
6th Apr 2012 India Mumbai Sunburn Link
24th Mar 2012 Switzerland Rigi Scheidegg Snowflake dance 3 Link
23rd Mar 2012 Switzerland Kingdom Club Sion Synergic Link
2nd Mar 2012 Switzerland Moutiers Gaia Energy Link
18th Feb 2012 Australia Queensland Earth Frequency Link
17th Feb 2012 Australia Tazmania Electrypnose in Van Diemen's Land Link
11th Feb 2012 Australia Sydney Summer Sounds Psylly Link
4th Feb 2012 New Zealand Canaan Downs Luminate Link
28th Jan 2012 Australia Victoria Rainbow Serpent Link
7th Jan 2012 Switzerland Galvanik Zug 2to6 Crunch (2to6 label party) Link


23rd Dec 2011 Switzerland Bienne Divine Comedy - Part 2 Link
17th Dec 2011 South Africa Cape Town Noisy Radicals Link
10th Dec 2011 South Africa Magaliesburg Positive Vibration Link
3rd Dec 2011 South Africa Riviersonderend Let there be light v3 Link
19th Nov 2011 Switzerland Crazy Palace - Brig (VS) Mushroumpf party Link
18th Nov 2011 Switzerland Crazy Palace - Brig (VS) HypnotiK MinimaL Link
11th Nov 2011 France Le Bikini - Toulouse Wig Party Link
31st Oct 2011 Switzerland Kingdom club - Sion Halloween party Link
28th Oct 2011 Switzerland Private Tri Nox Samoni  
17th Oct 2011 India Bacchus Electrypnose Chill set  
16th Oct 2011 India Sutra - Bangalore Shanti Jatra AfterTour Link
15th Oct 2011 India Delhi - The 567 Electrypnose vs Hyperfrequencies Link
12th Oct 2011 Nepal Kathmandu Shanti Jatra Link
1st Oct 2011 Switzerland Kingdom Sion Soirée Electro Link
17th Sep 2011 Switzerland Secret Ambiant and Dance Festival Link
9th Sep 2011 Germany Berlin Mega-Delic 3000 Link
29th Jul 2011 Switzerland Graubünden Summer Never Ends Link
16th Jul 2011 Canada Alberta Motion Notion Festival Link
10th Jul 2011 Canada Québec The Secret Path To Pandemonium Link
2nd Jul 2011 Switzerland Sanetsch Electrypnose 10th birthday  
25th Jun 2011 Switzerland Turtmann Good Soundz  
10th Jun 2011 UK Countryside Glade Festival Link
19th May 2011 Mexico Monterrey Cafe Iguana Link
7th May 2011 Switzerland tba Hoffmoon Link
23rd Apr 2011 Israel   Doof Festival Link
15th Apr 2011 Switzerland Wallis Mountains Inalp transhumance Link
26th Mar 2011 Austria Innsbruck Inntakt Link
19th Mar 2011 India Mubai Holi Dance Festival Mumbai Link
18th Mar 2011 India New Delhi Holi Dance Marathon Link
5th Mar 2011 Switzerland Wallis Private Birthday party  
26th Feb 2011 Switzerland Reconvilier Atrax Link
25th Feb 2011 Switzerland Granson    
19th Feb 2011 Switzerland Zürich - Kulturfabrik 5 Jahre Animi Defectus Link
18th Feb 2011 Israel Nature 100% Chakra pro VS Parallel Universe crew Link
12th Feb 2011 Germany CRASH Freiburg The psychedelic truth is techno Link
5th Feb 2011 France Porcieu-Amblagnieu Hadra - Nebula Link


22nd Jan 2011
31st Dec 2010
Belo Horizonte
Lotus Full Moon
303 Festival
18th Dec 2010 South Africa Cape Town Noisy Radicals & Psycrowdelica Link
16th Dec 2010 South Africa Butterfly Studios - CT Reverberation #3 Link
4th Dec 2010 South Africa Cape Town Vortex Link
20th Nov 2010 Switzerland Zurich Delirium nocturnum Link
12th Nov 2010 Israel   Anomalia  
10th Nov 2010 France Brainans Citrik B-DAY 2010 Link
6th Nov 2010 Switzerland Reconviliers Dropnight  
30th Oct 2010 Switzerland Bienne Hyper Fractal Link
23rd Oct 2010 USA Brooklyn NYC A Psychedelic Soiree Link
16th Oct 2010 USA Saint Paul Another Dimension Link
2nd Oct 2010 UK London Distant Creation Link
27th Sep 2010 Switzerland Neuchatel Fête des vendanges  
25th Sep 2010 Belgium near Antwerp Madhatter Link
11th Sep 2010 Switzerland Silver Club - Payerne Rock'n'Goa Link
14th Aug 2010 Switzerland Simplon Maharaya 10th Link
7th Aug 2010 Switzerland Su1 Pirate Party  
30th Jul 2010 Finland Mantyharju, Tiilikkala Metsafestiwal Link
17th Jul 2010 Switzerland Marbachegg Somuna Link
10th Jul 2010 Germany Tutow Dorf Terra Mystica OA 2010 Link
5th Jun 2010 Switzerland   Private party  
4th Jun 2010 Switzerland Caves du manoir Total dancefloor killer Link
29th May 2010 France Paris Forest of Visions Link
19th May 2010 Israel Tel Aviv Fractal Family  
15th May 2010 Israel Pool Gathering Fractal Family  
8th May 2010 Switzerland Private Chalet Lab  
24th Apr 2010 UK Around London D.M.T in Echo Vortex Link
3rd Apr 2010 Portugal Fazendas de Almeirim Diabolus in Musica Link
20th Mar 2010 Switzerland Private Mothership  
6th Mar 2010 Switzerland Yverdon Pow Wow Link
13th Feb 2010 France Paris Karmasutrance Link


30th Dec 2009
19th Dec 2009
Gampel (Wallis)
Indigo B-Day
28th Nov 2009 England Liverpool Sacred Media party Link
7th Nov 2009 Switzerland Bulach Alien Invasion Link
31st Oct 2009 Switzerland Bienne Fractalized Link
17th Oct 2009 Canada Montreal Dimension X Link
9th Oct 2009 Switzerland Grimisuat (VS) Primitif workshop party Link
26th Sep 2009 Usa Near Iowa City Earthdance Link
18th Sep 2009 Usa Asheville Equinox Link
12th Sep 2009 Switzerland Wallis Stef Birthday  
29th Aug 2009 Switzerland Glovelier Amazon's Birthday  
28th Aug 2009 Switzerland Schaffhausen Out of space Link
9th Aug 2009 Switzerland Zurich Streetparade Electrypnose Link
25th Jul 2009 Switzerland Niouc Birthday - Robert & Celine  
17th Jul 2009 France Audoise World People Festival Link
27th Jun 2009 Israel   Fractal Family  
6th Jun 2009 Switzerland Wallis Atomic II Link
9th May 2009 Austria Vienna 2nd Future Link
2nd May 2009 Switzerland Zurich Birthday party  
25th Apr 2009 Switzerland Canton Neuchatel Fairytastic  
28th Mar 2009 Spain Barcelona Electrypnose @ La Cova Link
21st Mar 2009 Austria Vienna K.N.E.C.H.T. Link
28th Feb 2009 Switzerland Bassersdorf The Flying Circus Link
21st Feb 2009 Switzerland Zurich Mythos - Royal back flush Link
7th Feb 2009 Switzerland Steg (VS) Harmonic science Link
10th Jan 2009 Switzerland Tuggen Maskenball Link


31st Dec 2008
28th Nov 2008
Near Modena
Biella Factory - Bienne
In Goa We Trust
Fractal Energy 2
25th Oct 2008 Switzerland Vario club - Olten Primitif Workshop party Link
11th Oct 2008 Switzerland Valais Noces d'anniversaires  
26th Sep 2008 Switzerland Les Diablerets Birthday party  
20th Sep 2008 Israel   Fractal Family after party  
19th Jul 2008 Germany Wittstock FullMoon Festival Link
9th Jul 2008 Brazil Alto Paraiso Trencendence Link
3rd Jul 2008 Brazil Belo Horizonte Majortronic  
21st Jun 2008 Switzerland Yens - VD Psy Fairies 5 Link
14th Jun 2008 Russia Moscow    
7th Jun 2008 Switzerland Susten - Wallis    
23rd May 2008 Germany Northern Germany Psy Experience oa08 Link
16th May 2008 Israel   Fractal Family party  
3rd May 2008 Portugal Coimbra Organic Evolution Link
26th Apr 2008 Switzerland Huttwil Private birthday  
19th Apr 2008 Switzerland Wallis Private party  
11th Apr 2008 Switzerland Bamboo - Gampel Electrypnose birthday Link
29th Mar 2008 Switzerland Coupole - Bienne Further Dimention VI Link
22nd Mar 2008 Germany Hamburg Liquid Pi Link
1st Mar 2008 Denmark Aarhus Euphoria Link
29th Feb 2008 Denmark Copenhagen Euphoria Link
16th Feb 2008 Australia Queensland Earth Freq Link
8th Feb 2008 Australia Melbourne Soundkraft Link
12th Jan 2008 Australia Perth Psychosapiens  
5th Jan 2008 Australia Tenterfield NNSW Freakreation Link
1st Jan 2008 Australia Byron Bay NYE party  


21st Dec 2007 Switzerland Usine - Geneva BassWars Link
1st Dec 2007 Turkey Ankara Saklikent Link
3rd Nov 2007 Austria Innsbruck Through the looking glass Link
21st Oct 2007 Switzerland Zug Traintown Pyschedelika Link
6th Oct 2007 Switzerland Vario club - Olten Primitif Workshop party Link
8th Sep 2007 Switzerland VD Biolive 5th birthday Link
24th Aug 2007 Switzerland Soulce Forgotten Ritual Link
17th Aug 2007 Israel   Cafot  
10th Aug 2007 Israel   Fractal Family party  
31st Jul 2007 Germany Wittstock FullMoon Festival Link
13th Jul 2007 Switzerland Wallis Nandan's Maharaya VI Link
7th Jul 2007 Brazil Salvador Centrifuga Link
30th Jun 2007 Brazil Sao Paulo Cosmic crew - 4anos Link
28th Jun 2007 Brazil Belo Horizonte Birthday party  
7th Jun 2007 Brazil MG Cachoera Alta Link
26th May 2007 Brazil Espirito Santo Carbono Link
19th May 2007 Costa Rica   Mystical Blossom  
12th May 2007 Brazil Goiania Kabrathor party - Brazilian edition Link
21st Apr 2007 Usa Chicago Divine balance Link
13th Apr 2007 Usa New York City dbSonic Link
6th Apr 2007 Israel   Doof Festival  
31st Mar 2007 Germany Emmendingen Kabrathor label party Link
30th Mar 2007 Switzerland Vario club - Olten Psychedelic for night & progressive Link
24th Mar 2007 Switzerland   Braindigaz Link
23rd Mar 2007 Switzerland Las Vegas club - Sion Club night Link
16th Mar 2007 Germany Prora auf Rügen Psychedelic Destination part XII Link
10th Mar 2007 Denmark Aarhus Electrobeat.dk :: Spring session Link
16th Feb 2007 Switzerland Bienne Further Dimensions 2 Link


2nd Jan 2007
23rd Dec 2006
Pratigi - Bahia
Belo Horizonte
Universo Paralello
Dharma gold edition

12th Dec 2006 Brazil Brasilia Kabrathor private party  
8th Dec 2006 Brazil Belo Horizonte Dharma underground edition  
11th Nov 2006 Brazil Grama Sunrise  
27th Oct 2006 Brazil Vicosa Atmospheric  
21st Oct 2006 France Chambery Space Rock Link
14th Oct 2006 Germany Leipzig Beauty is hard Link
6th Oct 2006 Switzerland Geneva Reptil Night Link
15th Sep 2006 Switzerland Ticino Mental Soup Link
25th Aug 2006 Russia Moscow Forest pump  
18th Aug 2006 Switzerland Ticino Fusi-On Link
15th Jul 2006 Switzerland   Psyfairies night 3  
7th Jul 2006 Slovakia   Mystica Link
22nd Jun 2006 Usa Artemas, Pennsyvania Gaian Mind summer festival Link
17th Jun 2006 Usa Psyowa All you canstomp buffet Link
15th Jun 2006 Switzerland VD Psy Fairies 3 Link
27th May 2006 Finland Helsinki Tsunami Link
13th May 2006 Switzerland Luzern Pan Gaja Link
12th May 2006 Switzerland Piment rouge - Genève Crop circles party  
5th May 2006 Austria Burg Güssing Lunalight Link
29th Apr 2006 Portugal Alcanena Up the Kabrathors Link
15th Apr 2006 Switzerland Eywald (Bern) Shamanik Vision Link
5th Apr 2006 Germany Leipzig Paganoize after party Link
18th Mar 2006 Switzerland Val de Travers Digital Confusion Link
11th Mar 2006 Germany Leipzig Paganoize Link
25th Feb 2006 Switzerland Fatality club - Bienne Fatality  
10th Feb 2006 Switzerland Zurich 5 Uhr Tee der Seele Link


31st Dec 2005 Switzerland Porrentruy TimeGate Link
9th Dec 2005 Germany Berlin Evil Knivel records party Link
28th Oct 2005 Brazil Belo Horizonte Electrypnose live  
3rd Sep 2005 Switzerland Monti di Motti Creative Anarchy  
25th Jul 2005 Russia On the Black Sea Space of Joy Link
9th Jul 2005 Switzerland Le Solliat Biosphere Link
18th Jun 2005 Switzerland Payerne Secret Garden & Hidden Cave Link
15th Apr 2005 Switzerland Flumserberg Frühlingsflash nach Wintercrash 2 Link


31st Dec 2004
4th Dec 2004
L'Envol du Mécanimal
20th Nov 2004 Switzerland Asteak - Sierre Triologic Misteak  
2nd Oct 2004 Switzerland Schachen Spirit of Psy  
11th Jun 2004 Switzerland Vd Pirate party  
27th Mar 2004 Switzerland Les Diablerets Brotherhood Mountain Party Link
26th Dec 2003 Switzerland Bulach Night flight to halleluja  
14th Nov 2003 Slovenia Ljubljana Dancing Dragon Link