21 tracks in the release plan

I’m happy to come up with a good preview of what’s gonna be released in the coming weeks / months.
First an EP to be released on Digital Structures, it’s coming out as I’m writing this message. You can expect some groovy lower tempo tunes here around 128.
Then a cool collaboration with Technophobia records that will bring out four of my latest progressive works in various compilations.
Zenon records also part of the story, as there will be 2 progressive tracks coming out on VA’s + a 3 tracks EP in collaboration with Hypogeo.
Then Techgnosis in Canada is taking me on board for a track that will be on an EP with 2 remixes of their artists, and also a slot on a VA.
And finally, a 7 track album in the upper bmp range, so to speak (145-153), can be expected before the end of the year on 2to6 records.
In total, 21 tracks made during the last 3 years ! All on your way ?
All this material will be available directly for members as they come out.
You can enjoy a good 3 min previews of each track on this playlist on soundcloud.

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