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Electrypnose E7 Studio session

I'm glad I had recorded something while working in the studio before the incident... Cool to have a memory of the place.

Hadra Festival 2013

Nice Video Edit of the intro of the set at Hadra festival by Littleworldmusic team.

Fluo Neo show M6

Fluo Neo is a climbing-dance group that performs in various events. They participated in 2013 at the famous TV program "France's got talent" on M6 channel. Their show is using mainly Electrypnose music, this one here is a very short version of their full 15 min program.

Fluo Neo

Dance-Climbing company doing performances with visual projections and Electrypnose music.

Live in Costa Rica

Nice video edit of the live in Costa Rica. Nox Valpurgis - 2to6 Label party

Combinazione -trailer-

A climbing movie trailer where I made the soundtrack. A 12min version of this movie exists where I wrote the music and edited the audio, but not sure when it will be publicly available.

Space of Joy Russia (2005)

Good old memories of one of the freakiest illegal festival I went to in Russia... back in 2005.

Cwejman Scope Analyzer

A cool waveform analysis of the Cwejman analog synthesizer. Track is op. 552 - Some hope left.

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