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By : *Karma Cola*
October 2005

Welcome one and all..
today we shall be travellin on a high flying psychedelic journey Electrypnose style...
this means a shitload of farts..(no pun intended) swerves.. slices..cuts .. bruises and much more intended mayhem.

Electrypnose - Brain Stretching (Jan'05)

1. Leo Zitrone.

A very melancholy tune opens up this pandora's box and before u know it ur into a swirling messpool of electronic farts and screeches. He is constantly buildin up this track with an array of psychedelic noises and halfway thru he breaks into a lesser bpm. This part is great because he really utilizes he skills in creating a magnificent, soulful scenario. Finally he picks up the pace and enters a somewhat less complex zone reminding me a lot of the timecode artists, but he still retains his style with a more 'rough' version of a take off. Smoothly exits with the same melcancholy tune as the intro. Nice. I like this track.

2. Arcangemy

A very cool intro, although a short one. It sounds like the humming of electric cables, a soothing effect quickly modified with the intrusion of glitches and beeps. If your computer could talk this is what it would sound like. The bpm has slowed more obviously now and i quite like it because this is where u can separate the genuines from the fake. Still, nothing extraordinary but quite bouncy and its interestin because he very confidently imposes new sounds onto you. About a coupla minutes left and he brings in the percussion. Nice twack -twack accompanies the rabbit hole he's created. The ending is not as flashy as the previous one and a lil abrupt but good nonetheless.

3. Bombaxis

Wastes no time delving into psychedelia with this one. After a minute of grating farts and a growly bass we preview his talents as a producer. Very nice bouncy music this is with the right amount of scary effects. Not just random noises flittin in and out, he keeps a semblance of gloom right through this track. I love the icecream truck tinkles, reminds me a lot of a Korn track.
I feel a chill evrytime i hear this track and its odd because its not an outright horror track, but somethin about it gives me the creeps. He never blasts off at any point and thats why im sorta partial to this track, it just shows a more matured idea of 'trance' IMO.

4. Alcoolemie

From the get go you understand where he's heading. Its a track that makes u get up and jerk your chest in impossible angles. A sweet breakdown and using a tribalish attitude the track mesmerizes you. This is a very night oriented track, somethin open-air and foresty with goblins running around with glass shards dotting the dancefloor. When you hear that voice sample you'll know exactly what i mean. He tweaks this one to kingdom come and blasts off into Hades draggin you along oblivious off anything else. One of my favorites. you just cant beat this one.

5. Le Druide

ok, this is a track you must sit down and just listen to. It can literally expand your mind, right from the druid-like voice samples to the tink-tink-tack. Its a deep one and nothing about it has an ounce of predictability. The bpm is right albiet slow, but its tracks like this that make you wish you were in Goa. 2 mins in and he developes a very Goaish rythm and tune into a manic version. Very deep one this is folks. You cannot help but feel something.

6. Delty

A few FX drift in and out and a very cool sorta of drumming accompanises a simple beat+bass. I dont find anything unique in this track. Although the FX sound cool, it just doesnt combine to anything extravagant.
Not a shaby track at all, but nonetheless i expected more.

7. Au pays des Lutins Malin

Interestin start off and some quirky fx scuttling around. he sticks to his formula of creatin a happy-horrific -clown atmosphere and its certainly works. This time the tweaking and rippin is a lot more 'nasty'. I am already enjoyin this one, and with his pause and take off its beeeeeauutiful. One of the gems of this album, no arguin here.

8. The key of life.

This is not as intense a track as the rest and i can distinguish a bunch of 'israeli' influences. Somehow it doesnt add up to me and with a weak second half im already bored. Its probably meant to bring u down back to earth but it can be better.

9. Fil De legrente

The last one on the list, and im itching to see what he has in store for us.
Very nice very very nice, Electrypnose entertains us with his chilled side, and its good. He uses this massive wavy sound to create an bright oasis on the dark, barren planet he flew us to. A soothing, sexy track which makes u wanna go for a long walk and think about shit
Man, if u holdin a doobie look no further. Gather your friends, shut your traps and trip out to this phat, phat track.

Its one of those albums that get better every time you listen to them. I highly recommend it to any psychedelic fan and dont let the 'undergroundness' fool you. Its a highly potent concoction of psychedelic sounds. Electrypnose has a different appealing sound and if u like stuff from Artifakt u would definitely like this album. If you imagine standing in a forest, dead of the night alongwith with colonies of goblins and warlocks is the perfect way to end your day, than welcome, welcome for today you shall be travellin on a high flying psychedelic journey Electrypnose style.

By : DeathPosture
March 2005

Welcome to the future!

Resonant Earth is a 100% internet based record label from the deep forests of Sweden… The label boss is Leo Bergman (a.k.a. Spindrift and one half of Steptime) and he’s on a trance-mission to ‘create an outlet for music that is honest and fair for artists as well as fans’… He was fed up with labels accusing downloading fans of ripping off artists, when it is in fact artists ripping off artists… So he took the logical step, cut out the middle men and created http://www.ResonantEarth.com – a website that supports high-quality legal downloads of Resonant Earth’s releases… You can compile your own compilations there or you can order hardcopy CDs via snail mail… It’s total freedom really! Cool! The first release was the compilation Mythical Vortex and the second release is the debut album by Swiss artist Electrypnose (Vince Le Barde) who’s had three tracks released on Peak Records… The tracks I’ve heard from him have all had a distinct eerie charm to them, so I hope the album is in the same style…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Leo Zitrone
Leo the Lemon? Is this a Bergman nickname I didn’t know about? This a truly hypnotic track… Deeply psychedelic and packed with melodies… The intro is eerie and spooky, but soon the track evolves into a melodic night piece… Check the bell action in the middle part – a Switzerland trademark I guess… Eerie, haunting, hectic… The soundscapes are huge here – tons of effects help create a massive wall of sound guaranteed to tear any dancefloor apart! Sweet track!

#02: Arcangemy
Eerie, spooky Electrynose-trademark intro… Reminds me of some of the sicker Schlabbaduerst demented pixie forest trance – with definite hints of sauna, koala and vodka-induced trance… The bassline is deep and repetitive and Vince tweaks his buttons like a madman… I dig the razor-sharp ‘cutting-FX’ in the second part of the track and the break is particularly sweet… Nice!

#03: Bombaxis
Orchestral Misted Muppet/Infected intro with an analogue bassline… Very old-school at first, but soon the track develops into a raging stormer with computerized voices, long organic pads and a phat electro-groove… Spooky Halloween trance!

#04: Alcoolemie
Another stormy intro – I’d go as far as to claim you can actually hear that this was produced in Switzerland… There’s that snow-covered mountain feel to it… The track itself is a bit more hectic, with pointy FX and tons of layers… Very dark, yet uplifting in its entire psychedelic glory… The build-up/climax part kicks some serious 303-ass… Sweet!

#05: Le Druide
Trippy chanting monks/aum intro… Bassline and percussion are added before the general groove kicks in… The first three minutes doesn’t really stand out, but as it is often the case things really pick up in the second part of the track… Suddenly mad, twirling melodies are unleashed and the acid is running thick… Aciiiiiiiiiid!

#06: Deity
“This is what I want… ” Yeah, me too! …Static hisses and radio knob adjustment and a deep bassline make out the introduction to this track… Slowly more FX are added and after a couple of minutes the track is a full-blown tweaking party choon… Again Vince shows how good he is at using breaks to intensify the listening experience and leave the listener eagerly awaiting more… Once more it’s acid galore, and I’m still a sucker for that… Stellar track!

#07: Au Pays Des Lutins Malins
Right, my French vocabulary is limited to ‘crossiant’ so I had no idea what the title meant… Babelfish suggested ‘With The Country Of The Malignant Imps’ so I’m guessing it means something along the lines of ‘From the country of the magnificent peaks’ – makes sense, and as I described above I really do believe you can tell this music was made in a mountainous country… But hey, let’s talk about the music… After a long chilled intro, we’re exposed to another mean Electrypnose trademark bassline… A dark and repetitive track – with hints of stale, demented psycho FX… Watch out for the hypnotizing, naïve melody that’ll grab your attention whilst the psychedelia takes control of the rest of your senses… Evil track!

#08: The Key Of Life
[/i]"Take this empty glass. Here it is... peaceful... serene...boring! But if it is... destroyed... Look at all these little things, so busy now! Notice how each of them is useful! What a lovely ballet ensues.. so full of form and colour. Now think about all those people that created them: technicians, engineers, hundreds of people who will be able to feed their children tonight so those children can grow-up big and strong and have little teeny-weeny children of their own and so on and so forth... thus adding to the great chain... of life!"[/i] Vince kicks things of with a lengthy movie sample and soon after the track is drenched in a bouncy, almost happy bassline surrounded by a bunch of sharp, metallic FX… This is layered, wobbly and twisted music to be played in the twilight zone… The outro has some cool movie-samples too… Spooky dusk trance!

#09: Fil De Légèreté
Babelfish says ‘wire of lightness’ so I’m guessing ‘ray of light’ as it’s the last track of the album and the sun has set after a long, dark night… As legend prescribes this is the downbeat, experimental last track to finish of the album… This is nice floating downbeat… Hints of dub and electro… Very mellow – and a striking contrast to the rest of the album… A nice way to return to reality… ;o)

Right, so the first half of the album is definitely the one that suits my taste the best… The last three tracks are not bad at all – the first six are just better… I’m a hard-copy fetishist so I have the CD-R version of this album, but anyone can pick out the tracks they like and just pay for those… Nice concept indeed! I was pleasantly surprised by this album, and I really like the whole concept of ResonantEarth.com… Hats of to Vince for the sweet tunes and to Leo for a visionary outlook on releasing psytrance to the masses… The third release is already ready, waiting to be downloaded… ;o)

Recommended to fans of the darker realms of psytrance with a distinct Swiss edge… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2, 4, 5(!), 6(!)


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