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By : Appleseed
June 2007

Cerebral Factory, side project and collaboration between Electrypnose, Karash and Noon, provide us a release with their freshest and best quality researches. Between funky tricks and the dark side of the force, this release shows a pretty wide range of ideas and syles that makes your neurons moving and tickled by.Starting the walk at 136 bpm,ending over 150, the goal was definitely to not stay flat and to not express only one musical kind. Most suitable for people who enjoy the variety and newer ideas.

1. Brain Storming: Kicks in with a sweepin fx sound following by a rolling fullonish bassline with some vocoder kinda fx keeps repeating, percussions, 3:30 on is this neat
hypnotizing flangerizing lead, more layers of twisted synth keep coming in, well-balanced
lfo's, this not a heavy dose as the trackname would suggest but definitely a twister to start off with.

2. Creamfield: Some shrill whistling sounds start and soon a pounding bassline (no fluff
here) some stuttering vocoders, and other twitched synths keep making their rounds in diff overtones, these one has alot of those sounds you'd hear on Cosmo's tracks but these guys have maintained a fine balance than over usage. Around 3.00 the climax builds up and then keeps you stomping without any fuss, like a maniac experiencing a high. This one guides you to the more realms of the night. After about 4:30 Gated synth sound keeps elevating you to stomp harder followed by more complex layers to pass you to next expected banger.

3. Swimming in the fog: Some kinda mechanical sounds kick starts this adventure of swimming in the fog, the intro is pretty creepy, this has perfect nightish atmosphere build up,
narrating a tale, these twisted sounds make you think about those foggy nights in the swamp that you'd ever dream of, Appregiated brain slicing leads make it a more terrifying
experience, the rhythms on the leads is very well done here, around 4:15 more haunting
sounds, eerie pads keep floating towards the end.

4. A Long Story: old goa'ish leads comes in with some ufo'ish synth sounds, all set to take you on this journey, 0:49 on the bassline keeps fading in with some breaky leads, 1:11 computer bleeps, 1:26 on starts that tight kick and bass that we heard from master vince. 2:18 an electrifying acid lead is thrown with some neat slides in the bassline and the lead keeps playing around, nice landing effect sound keeps coming up , 4:20 the climax builds and we're are back to the breaky groove, nice atmosphere build up at 5:25 (one of those mystery movie types) 6:06 you hear a mechanicaly stuttering lead sound, great rhythm for build up at 5:25 which goes till 0:7:08 and 7:10 on gets you back to heavy stomping, with some newer
effects,8:04 on u a change in the bassline, this one keep you pushing further with more
chaotic synths layered to brain warp. Gets you dancing with the spirits from this story
towards the end. A pretty long track with lots of variation but definitely a scorcher.

5. Acid Bubble Gum: Organic sounds begin with some saw tooth leads neatly filtered 0:27 begins that banging bassline topped with wicked fx to set a perfect groove, more twisted synths in an organic manner(reminds me of Gow, Jahbo and tha Aarhus gang) heavy brain f@#%king on this one, the synthwork arrangement on this one is top notch. This one also has those funny cartoonish samples towards the end, setting a lot of humour amidst this demented affair. This track makes my day

6. Otage de l'Espace: booming bass sets this track with some hellish pads flowing , wicked
leads keep coming in building the track, lots of glitch effect noticeable on this one. 2:30
we begin with a rolling bassline, nice variation in the bassline keeps you bouncing
different flavors of leads and fx keeps slicing through towards the end, more maniac
stomping towards the end.

7. Waking Without Destiny: modulated kick with sweeping fx and a bang begins this track,nice distorted rolling bassline my personal fav, neat percussion, and some twisted leads, this one has a lot of circuit gone wrong synth sounds, the usual glitchy break, 3:23 starts that wicked acid lead inducing your brains to go higher and higher, more complex layer of synths then on keeps the track flowing. Too much of glitchy sounds kinda ruins the mood on this one.

8. Une Biere dans la Riviere: gothic pads, and the straight in your face rolling bass line begins, some skidding and stuttering leads make their rounds, wicked distorted snares, demented circuitry gone wrong melody keeps flowing at short intervals, 3:57 the track gets more heftier with more complex layers of leads coming in from all directions, 5:27 on resumes the track with a squelchy lead (great job on making those leads talk) the chaos builds up from here on till the end of the track. Thumbs up for the great arrangement of sounds.

9. Dragon Slayer: The intro begins with a Groovy bassline followed by a scream and then sets the ass kicking bassline, spooky andS modulating leads, this one flows just like the track name suggests, 3:35 on the track puts you to another level of this dragon slayer deal, pads creating a murky atmosphere accompanied by gated leads.

Overall a great album from Vince and Karash, showcasing their solo and joint efforts. My
number 1. fav track is Acid Bubble Gum, always dig for such kind of trax , Karash proves his mettle on this one and I wish he gets us more of such mind-bending treats in the future, Master Vince is a great story teller right from the beginning of his career, except that he should get over those glitchy advents IMO which are overly used by artists these days. Swimming in the fog is a great piece by both these guys, A Long story by Vince is surely gonna set ppl on a time-travel. Not to forget great artwork by Karash !!!

My fav trax 5, 3, 4, 2, 8, 9


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