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By : Stepping to the Stars
October 2008

Style/influences: Psychedelic, progressive, electro, minimal(track 5 is break beat)

First of, i wasn't a big Electrypnose fan before, the fast stuff he makes fall out of my taste, even though i usually like fast, darkish psytrance ;) But when that has been said, this album is really something ells! Forget all about what you know about Electrypnoses previous albums. This is Psychedelic minimal progressive electro trance, and i simply can't stop loving it! In this album the production reaches perfection, every little sound effect seems to be in total control, all the way down to the smallest effects and reverb tales. The different sounds is filtering and evolving perfectly into eachother, the groove is so funky and cool, that it's impossible not to start bouncing around to it... It has alot of electro dance influences, but it remains far from cheesy! It's build in the same way as electro in some parts, but with a psychedelic pinch, and the tracks and melodies evolves in a way that i have never heard before! It has some rather dark atmospheres, but in the same time it's very funky, the sound is crisp and it's alot of fun IMO. The bassline goes from electro to progressive trance, the melodic arrangement is very simple in places(like electro) but he fucks the sounds up so good that you won't regognize anything, its just so beautifully produced, the sound is crystal clear! In some parts the melodies reminds me of the old IM(I can't put a finger on why, caus it's not that it sounds the same, but more like the feelings i get from them) In parts it reminds me of krumelurs 2006 album, but not as minimal, yet the same funky, wicked groove(IMO)

Not all tracks on the album is equally good, but when i play the whole album from track one, theres not a single time on the album where im even thinking about changing track. I especially like tracks 1,2(!),3,4,6,,8(!),9,10(!)

This is a strong contender for album of the year, together with Kino Oko. Not as beautifull as kino oko, but more roar, groovy, funky AND funny IMO. They are both influenced by other electronic genres, but in completely different ways.

I am carefull about rating it, when i only have had the album for about a month(caus i know it will change with time), but if you force me to put a grade on it right now, i will give it a 9/10 for the totally innovative ideas, and the perfect production! Don't miss this album!

By : Impossible Vortex
November 2008

Ever since this artist released Subliminal Melancholies, he won my attention, though whatever was released after that and before this failed to keep it. Funked Up is the first album since his wonderful downtempo album that really stands out positively IMO. Here the artist crosses various concepts from his dynamic downtempo style to enhance a newly developed Psy / trance / electro / tech(no) / breaks style. You read that correctly. This isn't a compilation of different styled tracks however; all of those electronica styles are brought together in one, innovative and new, catchy style and sound. Funked Up is loaded with groovy beats, sounds, and dance friendly songs.

01. Lunatic Yowie is a good if not great track. Included are what appears to be several smart ideas from Subliminal Melancholies. The track is strongest during its first four minutes IMO, though it never loses itself completely, and wait... I could be wrong but I could swear I hear a sense of inspiration from this artist's beloved Pierce Orelle (:)!!! unsure how to spell it) integrated here regarding a certain sound and how it's altered/echoed. I just wish that the final third was more arresting. The track is compressed with strong elements back to near aback in the first 5 or so minutes, leaving the last 2-3 somewhat forgettable in comparison. Overall a great track. B+

02. Little Surge sounds slightly more techno/Psy during the first several minutes. I initially didn't like the song as it loses the emotive, echoed edge that made the previous track more melodic. But it's good for people who like beats, beats, and more beats! The song becomes more dynamic as it progresses which is cool. Though it may come across a showcasing in technical mixing sounds and beats over melody work. It's definitely more on the minimal side of things, techno/experimental and rather empty, unless you like minimal that is, when compared with other tracks. The skipping ambient around 5:55 and the part around 7:00 however is attractive. These areas are just never sustained; they're seldom developed with exception to the part around 7:00. Prior to that, I felt like the song was more of a robotic, too minimal, lacking in flexibility. More energy invested in melody/sound work would have been nice though I'm sure some people will like this. I often hear it straight through with the overall album. It's decent I suppose, just nothing spectacular and my least favorite track here. B-

03. Fractalisation De Lego begins as minimal Psy techno and develops into an infectious, echoing, evolving cocktail. The artist has a fresh vision with wonderful storytelling execution and melody/sound, and mixing work. The thing starts off good and gets more tasty as it progresses; it's loaded an ever growing and present addiction from beginning to end. The mixing compliments the established rhythms. Some of the most unique and catchy melody work I've heard all year takes place from around 2:45 to 4:00. But the song isn't dependent on one part, as each third compliments the section both before and after it. Unlike the opening track that began curiously great and dozed off in its final third, this stimulates the mind with an extension after the interlude via 6:30 that updates the kickass prescription on doctor's orders. More top shelf cocktails like this infection, in this style in the future would awesome. Superb track. A-

04. Inunimi is a harder number than the previous due to less melody emphasis around the hard beat. Unlike tracks 1 and 3 which established more of a layered/rhythmic melody development, this track establishes a slower, drive. It seems more focused on playful editing/mixing than infecting us with a deeper story. Stylish and catchy, the track peeks around the 3-4 minute. It's a pretty good track though relies heavily on sound manipulation in the final act, potentially to compensate for less bodily parts in character development. B

05. The Best Engine appears to be more technically produced from the start. Pan shifting back and forth, reverse echoing the wave, and/or however else the artist is cleverly manipulating these sound effects, they're joined by a strong beat and melody dialing/note lead. The is a very animated, groovy number. The continuous, bending sound is dynamic, psychedelic, and really fun to listen to. The Nintendo sound is cool. This is one of the more dynamic numbers on the album. Great track! B+

06. Moi Et Mon Addiction is another harder edged, driving design of computerized mayhem. Melody bits and sound effects scored with excellent edit/mixing compensate for less melody developed structures. The echoed, machine gun robotic sounds are very convincing and the song's direction and evolution of ideas compliment them. There a nice melody towards the end but wow it sounds a bit too naked and simple in execution all alone like that. More intricacy would have been cooler. Good track overall. B

07. Balabala is quite varied, mixed/altered and dynamic. Soundscapes bounce, echo and skip around a futuristic world like something out of a William Gibson novel. Think of the girl with the magnetic personality because Balabala is the female Robot attitude is desirable, elegant, and knows what she wants. Sound effects skim over the computerized development as more sounds combine. This is one of the grooviest tracks of the year! A-

08. Electric Animal is a strong follow up to the previous elegant, female robot on tasty pills. Present here is more of an uprising, emotive edge that is not common on this otherwise smart production by Electrypnose. A echoing melody lead arrives around 2:20 in combination with a hard beat and subtle clap. The energy pics up and a rising siren pushes the track forward in a driving buildup as a wave of atmosphere washes over the screen. The combined rhythm is let to play for a bit until the beat disappears. Suddenly a beautiful female sounding interlude baths the senses around 4:20. This part is gorgeous, the female hymns and/or ambient notes coupled with the now present beat and melody work. It's excellent. This is one of the best track moments I've heard all year. Soon enough, the song hits the gas. A voice sample appears. The final two or so minutes continue the leads without the atmosphere, bringing down one of the best highs on the album. Excellent track. A-

09. Shavi Shava begins with a lengthy, crunching sound brought down into the core of the system. Strong industrial/metal sounds echo across the computerized industry. One or two jump in to emphasize the beat as others develop a psychedelic rhythm/lead around it. This appears to be one of the darker songs on the album. A plethora of sounds, from what appears to be reverse echoed shards of glass, high pitched bong pounds, distorted bells, chimes, and a catchy bag of Silent Hill (yes, DARK) treats sprinkle the atmosphere like a darkly catchy (bad batch) of robots. It would be awesome if the concept of this track here built towards intensity/climax, and that's what it appears to be doing in a sense. The song becomes more driving as it progresses in some ways. Comprised with a sweet, crunchy effect and sounds seldom this zippy in Psytrance, though reminiscent to some degree on X-Dream - Radio and Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch, the artist created a energized metal warrior. The track is more about build up and intricate drive rather than climax and I think the artist missed an opportunity to make a super ending. But the final two minutes wrap things up more than take part in something more powerful and improved. This could had a chance to go absolutely nuts in the final act however and it defused not long after chaos was heating up. Good if not great track. B

10. Back To Something is a return to the strong and bending sound work that the entire song is comprised in, the last song of this bending nature being The Best Engine. The concept is redirected and re-designed here. A strong, echoed melody comes up for air continuously before diving back down below the psy-driven structure. This appears to be a more progressive/Psytrance track in Electrypnose's style. The initial melody lead really stands out but appears to drown out other elements or rather other elements don't stand out nearly as well as the several note twisting tune. The middle had some nice advantages and the ending brought both melodies together nicely. I like the sustained sound in combination with the other melodies. It's one of the more minimal Psy/techno tracks since Little Surge. I still like it. It's just a bit repetitive in the final third. Otherwise, it's pretty good with some really cool and groovy waves to carry it through. B

11. Alaune is a refreshing change up, sound from previous number. It's upbeat, opening tune is refreshing and not drawn out. As the final Psy number it stands out and doesn't over stay any sound or bit. Equipped with a razor sharp editing/mixing style, the melody character returns for further development around 2:30. It's very positive sounding, contemplative. The growing, mechanical rhythm sounds great before one of those cool Etch A Sketch refreshing sounds comes and cleans the screen around 3:50. I'm not left with the strong emotional core that I felt during 00-16 on the artists downtempo album. Furthermore, Alaune is a bit on the short side at around 4:50. But it's quick, stylish, classy, and catchy. The album ends kind of like the French film: District B-13. Thing race by in a blur but it was such a fun trip. Let's hear it again, from the beginning. Cool track. B

In conclusion, Funked Up is a groovy and stylish, computerized world of kickass beats, bass lines, and fun. Provided with brief durations of strong atmosphere that refresh the current sound like an Etch A Sketch! It's a sweet, little effect that never goes over/under used. Not every track but that's an argument. My friends generally love this album. The artist has crafted a delectable, interesting and novel style here; he explores it with passion. The more I listen to the album, the more varied each and every track appear to be. I wish more tracks had feeling, emotion, and tasty lift-off, climaxes. By the third song however, I'm hooked. The album is loaded with strong work even if several songs tower above others. The weakest songs are still pretty good and the best, well tracks 3, 7, and 8 are just superb, refreshing, unlike anything I've ever heard due to the unique, playful and edgy synth/tech and ultra melodic style. The album is easily one of the best releases of 2008, though to call this Psytrance would be an argument. Nonetheless, it's great, a groovy, creative, driving, and addictive little gem from beginning to end. Great release! Definitely best "new" style of the year from me.

Favorite tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11.


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