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Some explanations here about music I produced since the last release, E7 album. Also some informations about the future ideas, new concepts...etc.

Tracks database goes at the moment until op. 646. There are two missing opus (644 - sound sculptures, a track that hasn't been polished enough to let out, and op. 640 - vs Pspiralife, a track that Pspiralife and myself were waiting to see what to do with). My track database actually goes now until 674. Almost 30 tracks that I haven't posted yet. Plus some more laying in some new folders and I don't count how many cubase projects in progress. Why? Why do I keep those in my computer and don't post them ?.. several reasons : - At first, I wanted to keep some tracks a bit unheard for a time, to have some fresh material to play to my friends and to people who follow me too much. If I share absolutely everything right away, I don't have anything fresh to play for them that they don't know. So I was thinking I hold back some tracks for a little time to have a few surprises. That was the first idea. Then, bam... fire happens, studio is dead... - Since the studio fire, it's another story. Problem is that with a lower quality setup, it's difficult to deliver a quality product that I'm satisfied with. It's not possible for me to release something that is approximate. I just can't. I want to let out the finest production, not possible to compromise this. So no release, no new tracks published... just some sketches to say hi to the world, Electrypnose is still working on something... In the mean time, I have been working on new music. Then to make sure it sounds good enough for me to say "ok, I now release it", there is still a little time to wait. I actually don't mind, I'm thinking more and more that I'm willing to do music that stays over time, not just the trendy nowadays track that will work nicely next summer, but more interested in the track that you will listen to in 10 years and think it event got better over time :) .. ok, not willing to be pretentious here, but this is more what I would like to make, if I can. - Third reason while I didn't share new music lately, is that I'm really thinking about splitting up Electrypnose in different projects, having different aliases, release specific styles under different names. I was hesitating for months to do it. I was happy until now to keep all under 1 name, whatever the genre. As a guy wrote me today, it's not about the genre, people like us I guess are above genres. It's absolutely what I was thinking and I was happy with that idea. Still I've decided to split the project into different aliases. I won't give names or anything here, but it will come out pretty soon. Nice ideas have raised lately. Reasons for that are multiple. I have been discussing with people for a while, and it's pretty clear now. Hope all these reasons are satisfying you enough to forgive me not trowing out more music for a while. As said, I have shared some sketches, mainly on my soundcloud, like Klungsum, Evolution rmx, Me and my misunderstood something, Gentle frightscaping, Deepelec. You have there a little fresh sound from me. Thanks for your patience... I'm fully working on it, and I'll definitely bring new music to your ears when it will be the right time for it.

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Tom - 2014-03-03 - All my support Vince, i'm looking forward to hear all of your news stuffs . And let see if your differents name will be better than one . I like electrypnose signature for all your project, it's like this name never expired ... Anyway, i'm curious about all of this news .
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