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After the fire, post E7 studio projects

Sometimes there is a hard time to go through, but like the saying, after the rain comes the sun. Good weather forecast in Electrypland...

Mmmm'kay ... Today I can finally come back to you with some good perspective for the future of my musical activities. Let me briefly tell you how things went after the fire seriously damaged the E7 studio. A company, paid by the insurance, took complete care of the place. I didn't have to even go there once anymore. They stored all the equipment that could be saved and cleaned, restored what could be. Most of the expensive gears could be saved, the computer, the vinsynth, and most of the synths, converters, outboard fx...etc. For the rest, speakers that are very sensitive to such attack, as well as construction material, acoustic panels, all that as been financially covered ! So, basically, end of the story, no money lost here. Just the time and the energy used can't be paid back, but that's something I can cope with... lets get started with a better project. 1 month after the incident, I got my computer back. I got myself a good pair of headphones (Beyerdynamics dt 880 and a good SPL headphones amp), I could get back to production, felt good! Did a small bedroom computer setup in my room, with no speakers to not disturb our nice neighbors.
I worked there until about 2 weeks ago. Now bigger projects are coming in mind. Question was were to build the new studio. I for sure didn't want to return in the same industrial basement where E7 studio was. It's not even ready to start anything at the moment I'm writing this. To explain briefly what the plan is now, is that I'm going to live in a new place, I'll unfortunately quit the cool artistic house where I've been living now for more than 4 years with other producers (Karash & Torog) and live in an old family house we have that is abandoned for almost 10 years. The whole place has to be restored, but since I like handyman work, I'm keen about every job that there is to do there. Of course, there is some decent space to build a cool studio, somewhat the same size like E7 was, good enough for me, I don't need bigger, I'll just have an improved version of it and make sure that no fire will never happen ! Building is not going to start right away, we have some preparation to do first. There is some asbestos cleaning to do by some professional company. Lets say mid april we should be ready to start something and I'll then update about it. I'll be keen to share the building process and design concepts. I've some serious help from people who are fully into acoustic and studio design, thanks to them. In the mean time, I've a small room where I could set my Yamaha HS80 to make some noise. Pretty happy, I'm preparing some new music for the summer parties and festivals. Okay, I think I covered the most I needed to say about it. I'll try to be bringing news more regularly, for those who are interested. Since the fire story until today, it was nice to take some sort of break. I never say it enough, but again, thanks to all the support you all have showed me. Means a lot. I'll do my best to do all I can to actually deserve all the attention I've received. Peace!

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Justin Chaos - 2014-11-13 - Gotta love swiss insurance !!!
MoleculA - 2014-03-08 - wow, thank you very much!!! awesome! :)
Electrypnose - 2014-03-07 - Thanks for the words, and of course I won't give up with music! :) Here is the link of the track you mention with the youtube video : http://www.electrypnose.com/music_tracks_db_details.php?id=552 1€ as single track in the shop. Cheers!
MoleculA - 2014-03-07 - Hey man, i really love ur music! It's really sad that all of ur nice equipment burnt in fire, please don't give up with this and keep up with music! BTW i wanted to ask u, i found ur youtube video with track i don't know. Where can i buy it? Here is this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIvQGyH6Gow Thank you very much! Your music is just f*cking awesome!
Electrypnose - 2014-03-03 - Thanks! Yeah, I was a bummer to have to cancel the Autralia dates, thanks to all promoters there who were really understanding. There is a plan about doing it early 2015, it's in discussion :)
DJ Celteric - 2014-03-03 - Je suis content d'apprendre que tu as pu t'en sortir financièrement. C'est vrai que ta situation, bien que temporaire, n'est pas la meilleure pour écrire à nouveau. Bon courage! J'attends avec impatience d'écouter tes nouveaux morceaux (surtout celui que j'ai pu entendre sur la video du festival Hadra). Et n'hésite pas à me contacter si tu es aux alentours de Berlin cette année!
Ben - 2014-03-03 - Awesome news. I hope the inspiration come flowing. We missed you down here in Australia this summer. I hope you arrange to come back down! Enjoy the new place.
San - 2014-03-03 - i can def see in mind a great future in a family house full of old and new vibe. and handyman work is the key to do "out of geek mode" times and great inspiration will come with that. Bring us E8! :D cheers for the Track from 2004.... and keep your Sunny heart pumping
BigaPan - 2014-03-03 - I wish you the best Vincent! Keep rocking!
Bernie Pallek - 2014-03-03 - Super great news! I'm excited to see / hear you at Eclipse this summer. Good luck with the asbestos removal ( no nasty surprises ) and I'll be watching to see the cool plans for the renovations. Still hoping to attend Primitif-Workshop as well, "one of these days". All the best! :-]
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